Phillipa up close after the worst of TSW

It has been 233 days since I stopped (mostly unknowingly) taking topical steroids for my eczema. It’s been 232 days since I stopped moisturising. And it’s been about 110 days since I’ve considered myself ‘done’ of this withdrawal process. It’s hard to put a marker on it as sure, when I eat milk chocolate, I find a tiny patch of eczema the next day. Does that mean I’m done? I think so.

I no longer shed skin. I no longer have any patches of eczema that aren’t triggered by something I know about (ie. washing my hair gives me a patch on my thumb). I no longer have a crazy restricted diet, just a sensible one with minimal gluten, dairy and sugar. I no longer rely on supplements – they are just that, supplemental. I no longer HAVE to have my ‘skin drink’. I used my bioptron lamp today for muscle stiffness rather than my skin and it was the first time I’ve used it on myself for a few months. I no longer use salt in my bath and I shower whenever I want to. I still don’t moisturise. I no longer sweat the small stuff. I no longer hold onto my anger. I am following my passion rather than the money. I’m happy.

How many people doubted me? How many people doubted natural therapies and kinesiology? I guess the proof is in the pudding.

Yeah, I think I’m healed.

Day 233
Day 233
Yes, I am done!

Phillipa Huynh

Phillipa, a kinesiologist working in Park Orchards and Thornbury, Victoria, teaches you how to make your life ‘fit’ again. A big believer in positive change, Phillipa teaches you how to understand your past so you can map your future.