Emotions running high during TSW

This journey is certainly full of it’s ups and downs. I can barely keep track of them myself. I consider it a great day if I’ve had a full night’s sleep or my neck isn’t sore. It’s the small things in life 🙂

Today was a mixed day in itself though. I only slept from 4.30am until 9.30am (decided to not work today) and that sleep was with an oozy neck and fairly uncomfortable with evidence of itching (can always tell from the flakes on the sheets *sigh*). However after I decided not to work today, I felt full of energy and happily went around doing the housework without a care! My neck has gotten fairly bad again (nowhere near its worst, but still uncomfortable), but because my face is mostly moist (on it’s own, yay!) with only a few trouble spots, I feel amazing! Though I feel my body getting clammy and under my arms are clearly damaged and the sweat is stinging it… urgh…

I don’t know whether to feel elated or crap! I took it easy today and really, honestly didn’t get stressed over anything.

Perhaps it’s because I may have discovered a huge piece in my life’s puzzle. My life being inclusive of my family. My dad has chronic fatigue, my sister has also suffered from it and my mum has cancer. And I’ve just been diagnosed with having a MTHFR gene defect. I don’t know details yet, my appointment is on Monday, but I have already discovered the treatment – which lo and behold is simply supplements – and I’m onto it 🙂

I somehow feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I know I still have lots of work to do, especially spiritually, but somehow having all of my family’s issues potentially explained, kind of takes the pressure off me? Did I really think I could cure them? Cure cancer? Cure chronic fatigue? No… but I did feel responsible for them as kinesiology is what I do and I should be able to help them a great deal. Mind you, working on your own family is the most challenging of all!

Mum gets out of hospital today after 9 days from 2 big pulmonary embolisms, so that’s something to be celebrated. The rest a 4th DSS bath in 24 hours can fix I’m sure 🙂

Day 65
Day 65

Day 65

Swinging emotions

Phillipa Huynh

Phillipa, a kinesiologist working in Park Orchards and Thornbury, Victoria, teaches you how to make your life ‘fit’ again. A big believer in positive change, Phillipa teaches you how to understand your past so you can map your future.