Phillipa mid TSW journey

I’m so happy! I’ve all but forgotten about my skin. Though there’s still a bit of evidence of TSW lingering, it doesn’t bother me and I’m getting on with living.

It’s lovely to have a different focus. I’m sleeping well, still shedding a little, but again it’s not getting me down or warranting more than a brief thought. It’s wonderful, it’s amazing and I’m truly just happy.

I take joy in the little things. It’s like I’m appreciating every part of my life and that is because TSW has taught me to. It effectively ‘took away’ small parts of my life I thought were important. And now, as I’m putting them back into place, I appreciate every piece but also realise that it isn’t that important. What is truly important is how I feel about being me. How I feel loved in this family and this world. And how I react when things go bad. I’m learning and I’m loving it.

Happy, happy days 🙂

Day 99
Day 99

Phillipa Huynh

Phillipa, a kinesiologist working in Park Orchards and Thornbury, Victoria, teaches you how to make your life ‘fit’ again. A big believer in positive change, Phillipa teaches you how to understand your past so you can map your future.