Like it or not, the world isn’t in too healthy a state right now. Mother nature has served us well, but, to be honest, the human race has kind of left a bit more than a mark on her beautiful exterior. Yes, it is sad. Yes it is a huge problem. But no, I won’t start a debate on whether or not global warming is real or not. I’m a kinesiologist, afterall and even this is a touch off topic. But it is a topic I am quite passionate about and I’m proud to say, what I have been supporting for my entire adult life.

I will draw your attention to the vast amount of rubbish that we produce. And I’ll remind you of the Great Pacific garbage patch (amoungst others) that is estimated to be somewhere between the size of Texas and twice the size of the continental United States of America. Twice the size. Gross.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, I’ll remind you of the wildlife that suffer due to losing their habitats. Australia has the highest rate of extinction of animal species in the world. THE WORLD! “To put this in a global context, 1 out of 3 mammal extinctions in the last 400 years have occurred in Australia” (

But yes, I’m a kinesiologist (and a passionate one at that) – so I see how difficult change can be for us everyday folk. We’re unlikely to go out and save the whales, the tigers or the New Holland Mouse tomorrow. And it’s easy to think that someone else will do it. But you, too, can help. It doesn’t take a hell of a lot to give back to the earth.

So I’ve made it as easy as I possibly can. I’ve come up with no less than 52 small, affordable ways that YOU can have a positive impact on your environment without costing the bank. And you can implement each change one week at a time. That’s one email every week for a year. Go ahead and get a head start and make it 53 if you forward this page to a friend right now.

There’s no more time to lose – get onto it!