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About Kinesiology

Kinesiology is energy healing at its finest. It helps people suffering from pain, trauma, dietary issues, stress and overwhelm, the list goes on. Using tools such as flower essences, reiki, acupuncture meridian points and the principles of homeopathic medicine, people have been benefiting from kinesiology for years. Find out what kinesiology is and why it is one of the fastest growing natural therapies in Australia…

Meet Phillipa Huynh

Meet Phillipa

Why me? Because I believe I am your teacher. I teach YOU how to heal. You do all the work, I show you how. I’ve worked in the corporate world, I know the relentless stress you endure. I’ve been through tough times: supporting and losing my mother as a young mum myself, enduring the agony of topical steroid withdrawal for my eczema, experiencing too much death. I’ve been there. And I want to help you get through it…

How I Can Help You

Ready to start making a change for the better by experiencing Phillipa’s unique approach to your personal healing? Kinesiology consultations are held in 2 beautiful clinics in inner northern Melbourne (Thornbury) and north eastern Melbourne (Park Orchards). Find out how people are finding themselves again and become your own healer. Get in touch to find out how Phillipa can change your life today…