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Consultations are available at 2 locations during the following hours:

Saturday and Skype consultations are also available at mutually agreeable times.

To book online, click here.

Investment / Concession
Standard 60 minute Kinesiology Consultation$100 / $90
Dedicated 60 minute Reiki Treatment$100 / $90
Personal 60 minute customised guided meditation experience$100 / $90
Group Meditation Course - Coming soon! Contact me to register your interest.TBA
Revitalise Your Gut Program
Four week collaborative program with Prana House Naturopath, Erika Wiseman. Only available at Prana House.
$340 / $340
Breathe Package
Three 60 minute consultations designed to ensure you feel calm and relaxed in your everyday life.
$280 / $250
Explore Package
Six 60 minute consultations where we work toward harmonious balance in all aspects of your life by understanding who you are at a deep level.
$490 / $430
Awaken Package
Ten 60 minute consultations to make deeper connections to your soul purpose, understand where you have come from and continue your journey awakened.
$710 / $610

Private health insurance rebates available - check with your insurer that kinesiology is covered in your policy.

During consultations you’ll be asked to remove your shoes and lie down on a massage table. Please wear comfortable clothing if possible.

Prana House Wellness
Prana House Wellness

Prana House Wellness
Prana House Wellness

Prana House Wellness
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There are still people who ask me 'what is kinesiology?' If you are wondering what the many benefits of kinesiology are, you can read more about this wonderful natural therapy here.